Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy (Level-1)

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for positive personal change.

What will we cover?

• Introduction and Brief History of Hypnosis
• History of The Development of the Human Mind
• The Theory of Mind
• How to Induce the Hypnotic State
• Finger Spreading, Arm Raising, Reverse Count, Auto-Dual Induction
• Dream Interpretation
• The Theory of Suggestibility
• The Laws of Suggestibility
• The FLIP
• How to Conduct a Hypnotic Session
• Deepening Techniques
• Wording of Effective Suggestions
• Post-Hypnotic Suggestion for Re-Hypnosis
• Awakening Techniques
• Self Hypnosis

Who should attend?
All those individuals, who wish to take charge of their Life and want to make a difference in their own and others Life around them!

Duration: 2 Days
"Basic Course in Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy"

Organized by: Nepal Hypnosis Clinic and Training Center

Fee Inclusive of learning materials, lunch, and refreshments

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