5 October 2013, Kathmandu.

The workshop entitled 'self help with self hypnosis' was held at  Nepal Hypnosis' training hall on 28-29 September. Trainers Archana Bibhor and Minakshi Rana helped nine individuals to have an exciting journey within themselves to understand their potentials and overcome the barriers.

Tagendra Magar (40), one of the participants- an entrepreneur by profession, expressed that the workshop was an eye opener for him. "I realized that I never have given any time to myself",  he further added, "this workshop has not only helped me to understand how important it is to give time to own-self but  also provided a clear procedure of doing so." 


17 September 2013, Kathmandu.

An interactive seminar on PsychoSocial care was conducted at College of Applied Business (CAB) Tangal Durbar. Archana Bibhor, clinical hypnotherapist and psychosocial counselor gave a presentation on the causes and consequences of psychosocial problems. 

The participants made a descent interactions with the presenter and shared some of the real life issues that they had found difficult to manage.


Nepalhypnosis.com organized a talk program on Self-Hypnosis for students of psychology in Counseling Psychology and Social Studies College (CPSSC). Eighteen students participated in the program.

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