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The word 'Counseling' comes from the Latin word 'consilium', meaning advice. However, counseling should not be confused for just providing guidance, influencing attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors by persuading, selection, and assignment of individuals to jobs. Counseling is a collaborative process where, generally two parties, counselor and the client in a specific setting, attempts to resolve and facilitates the psychological, emotional, behavioral, and other personal challenges for a better and progressive life. The history of counseling starts in the 19th century.

Joymandu hike kathmandu rejoice
Joymandu, an especial opportunity to rejoice in Kathmandu. Joymandu is a one day program uniquely designed by Nepal Hypnosis, which is - a journey to understand self, close to nature, and happiness booster. The journey of joy includes a series of self help activities, some of the activities are conducted in the Nepal Hypnosis Center and some are executed during a short hike in nature.
Self Esteem Training Series I love my self

Self Esteem Series is a unique self-help training program designed by Nepal Hypnosis Clinic and Training Center.

The training, which is open to individuals from all walks of life, will help to understand, love and accept self, and making it possible to achieve higher in personal and professional lives.

Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Series

Want to become a hypnotherapist? 
Join the acclaimed hypnosis course by Nepal Hypnosis Clinic and Training Center

Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Series (Module One)

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for positive personal change.

Shishir Subba
The history of psychology in Nepal can be traced from 1947 when it was introduced at Tri-Chandra College, Kathmandu. At that time Tri-Chandra was the only college in Nepal and was affiliated to one of the Indian Universities. Psychology was introduced at the intermediate level as part of philosophy. When Tribhuvan University (TU) was established in 1959, other colleges also came into existence.
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