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Self Help Workshop Organized

Self Hypnosis Practice Workshop5 October 2013, Kathmandu.

The workshop entitled 'self help with self hypnosis' was held at  Nepal Hypnosis' training hall on 28-29 September. Trainers Archana Bibhor and Minakshi Rana helped nine individuals to have an exciting journey within themselves to understand their potentials and overcome the barriers.

Tagendra Magar (40), one of the participants- an entrepreneur by profession, expressed that the workshop was an eye opener for him. "I realized that I never have given any time to myself",  he further added, "this workshop has not only helped me to understand how important it is to give time to own-self but  also provided a clear procedure of doing so." 

Another participant, Radha Koirala (57) - a social activist, claimed the workshop gave her tricks for healthy and prolonged life.

Raman Ghimire(30), pilot at Nepal Airlines, considered himself 'fortunate' for getting a chance to participate in the two days workshop. Moreover, he added that the workshop taught him effective ways to manage stress, overcome the emotional barriers and achieve higher in the professional life.

Female Self Hypnosis Practitioners NepalHira Chaudhari (23), a business student, was surprised to know it was her very own thoughts that was obstructing her from availing high in her educational and social lives.

Sanjay Singh (50), an entrepreneur, told that he had a passion for learning hypnotism and had already spent years in search of correct guidance. "I travelled to different parts of India, purchased many books and even devices to learn hypnosis", he exclaimed, "however, in the lack of proper guidance I was not able to learn anything. I was very confused and afraid." According to Sanjay, Nepal Hypnosis has helped him to understand the correct way of practicing hypnosis. He further added that he learnt hypnosis is completely safe and can be used effectively for therapeutic purposes.

Ruban Dahal (32), a psychosocial counselor, indicated that the training was not only fruitful for the general public but was equally worthy for psychotherapy practitioners. "I had some knowledge of hypnotherapy", he further added, "the workshop unleashed the secrets of self hypnosis, which I will use throughout my life to help myself."

Sharmila Karki (19), an undergraduate student, stated that the workshop taught her needs and ways to care own-self. On the last day of the workshop, she recited a poem recollecting the thoughts she had gathered during the workshop.

Amardeep Guragain (33), a certified hypnotherapist himself, declared the workshop as a good refresher for him.

Both the trainers, Archana Bibhor and Minakshi Rana, claimed the workshop to be a success. "We are satisfied and hope the participants would practice what they learn during the workshop", they said, "we wish for their physical, mental and social wellbeing."

Nepal Hypnosis Pvt. Ltd., the organizer of the workshop, is one of the psychosocial care centers of Nepal, which has been conducting varieties of events, trainings and workshops on mental and psychosocial health. The management of the company shared that their next endeavor would be a training workshop on 'Relationship Management' amongst young couples.

Nepal Hypnosis Self Help with Self Hypnosis Workshop Participants