Hypnosis Techniques

Relaxation Method I
Relaxation Method II
Staircase Method
Stiff Arm Method
Arm Levitation Method I
Arm Levitation Method II
Arm-Drop Method
Association Method
Bionic Arm Method
Confusion Method
Dave Elman Method
Direct Gaze Method
Drop Object Method
Eye Fixation with Imagery Method
Favorite Place Method
Fixation Object Method
Forest and Stream Method
Gil Boyne Method of Conditioning
Hand Shake Method
Hand to Face Method
Hands Closing Together I
Hands Closing Together II
Hands Pressing down Method
Instantaneous Method
magic Shape Method
Magic Television Method
Make Believe Friend Method
Misdirection Method
Mountain Trip Method
Non-verbal Method I
Non-verbal Method II
Rapid Method
Rapid Method for Children
Rapid Method Permissive I
Rapid Method Permissive II
Television Imagination Method
Eye Catalepsy
Spinning Hands
Creating Mental Nothingness/Amnesia
Signs of Trance

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