hypnotherapy session improve self confidence

A complete hypnosis session for building self-confidence from Clinical Hypnotherapist Archana Bibhor. In this hypnosis session, CHT Archana will take you into a deeply relaxed state, envoke your subconscious mind, and give a suggestion to strengthen your confidence. 

Please listen to this guided hypnosis session ONLY when you are in a safe environment and it is possible and comfortable for you to relax and sleep. 
Do NOT listen to it when you are driving, operating any equipment, or involved in activities that require your attention.

Nepal Hypnosis Founder Archana Bibhor Interview

A Norway based channel- DigiBrary took an interview with Archana Bibhor, the founder of Nepal Hypnosis Clinic and Training Center. The interview, which was taken during Archana's Europe visit, concentrated in mental health and well being. Based upon hear decade long experience, the preeminent psychotherapist and trainer Archana talked about various aspects of psychosocial health during the interview.

The interview was taken by Keshab Bhattarai. The program was directed by Sarad Rai.

A guided hypnotic session in Nepali takes you in a deep hypnotic state and gives a positive suggestion.

The video was developed by Archan Bibhor, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Trainer.

The video was recorded in 2013.

The hypnotic relaxation is in NEPALI Language.

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