Hypnosis is a scientifically verified technique which promotes the accelerated human change

Program held on Self-Hypnosis for students of counseling.

Nepalhypnosis.com organized a talk program on Self-Hypnosis for students of psychology in Counseling Psychology and Social Studies College (CPSSC). Eighteen students participated in the program.

"Self-Hypnosis is the technique of energizing and refreshing the self. To develop  good habits, to eliminate  habit disorders, to boost up memory power and concentration, to establish positivity and more..., we can do Self-Hypnosis", said the clinical hypnotherapist Archana Bibhor, as a facilitator of this program. 

Next facilitator, Minakshi Rana said that, Self-Hypnosis strengthens a human being's self confidence. It helps to empower  a man's willingness to feel peace of mind, she added.

At that program, student were more curious about Self-Hypnosis and asked how it works? They got answers form inside after having the practical self-hypnosis. Finally they replied if every person practice the technique of Self-Hypnosis, no one would suffer from any kind of psychological issues.